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Packaging Key:
(A) = Aerosols, (Q) = Quarts, (B) = Bulk: Gallons, Pails, Drums
(SP) = Special Packaging: Tubes, Fiber Drums, Pound Cartons, Pints

Winter Products

BLIZZARD (Release Agent)
Order Code: CRC-950 Packaging: B
To be used on snow plow blades, snow blowers and dump trucks. This will prevent snow and dirt from sticking to the surfaces and prolongs equipment life by protecting against rust and corrosion.

LAUNCHER (Granular Ice Melt Compound)
Order Code: CRC-951 Packaging: SP
A granular ice melt that is biodegradable. Color coded so you can easily see where it has been applied. Does not harm concrete or asphalt. Will not kill any vegetation. Contains an anti-tracking ingredient.

POWER PLUS (Liquid Ice Melter Additive)
Order Code: CRC-952 Packaging: B
To be used as a rock salt and calcium chloride additive; enhances the melting action in lower temperatures. Activates salt to 20° below zero.

BREAK UP (Liquid Ice Melt)
Order Code: CRC-954 Packaging: B
A safe, highly effective snow and ice melter. Works at the lowest temperatures. Safe to use on concrete and asphalt. Leaves no film on surface. Also to be used on sand and gravel piles to prevent freezing and hardening to make loading easier. No messy tracking. CRC-954 Break Up can be used on new concrete.

ADD-ON (Granular Ice Melt Additive)
Order Code: CRC-955 Packaging: SP
A granular additive formulated for use with Rock Salt, Sand and Cinder.

NO-RESIDUE (Ice Melt Rinse Aid)
Order Code: CRC-960 Packaging: B
A concentrated liquid ice melt neutralizer that will remove all white residue left on equipment and machinery to prevent rust and corrosion. To prolong equipment and machinery life for ice melt spreading equipment, this product is a must.

EXTREME (Liquid Ice Melt)
Order Code: CRC-965 Packaging: B
Extreme is derived from corn and magnesium chloride, and is environmentally safe. This product works in Extreme temperatures, down to –60o below zero. Inhibits corrosion and to be used as a liquid ice melt or preventer. To be use as a rock salt booster to lower the freeze point of salt, which deactivates at 18oF above zero. To be used as a gravel pile treatment to prevent the gravel from clumping. CRC-965 Extreme is not to be used on concrete that is less than a year old.

DEFROST (De-Icer Spray)
Order Code: RCC-961 Packaging: A
Quickly melts snow and ice from windshields. Thaws and prevents frozen locks and hinges. Will not smear windshield.



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