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Packaging Key:
(A) = Aerosols, (Q) = Quarts, (B) = Bulk: Gallons, Pails, Drums
(SP) = Special Packaging: Tubes, Fiber Drums, Pound Cartons, Pints


CHALLENGE (Red Grease)
Order Code: CRC-551 Packaging: SP
Non-melting, multi-purpose grease with excellent anti-wear properties and extra tackifiers.

SLAM (Super Impact Grease)
Order Code: CRC-552 Packaging: SP
Non-melting grease with excellent extreme pressure properties. Special additive enables it to withstand impact and pounding pressure common in heavy equipment.

BIG RED (Red Spray Grease)
Order Code: RCC-560 Packaging: A
Penetrates all areas, then sets up into a grease. Works at temperatures up to 500°. Water Resistant.

SIL-LUBE (Silicone Dry Lubricant)
Order Code: RCC-561 Packaging: A
Stops sticking, binding and squeaking with a clean, dry, invisible coating. For use on drawers, doors and hinges. Residue Free.

TIGHT SPOT (Penetrant, Lubricant, Moisture, Displacer & Rust Preventor)
Order Code: RCC-564 Packaging: A
A non-flammable penetrating oil and lubricant that frees nuts and bolts instantly. Will penetrate through rust, grease and moisture to loosen the bolt. Prevents rust and removes grease and grime from electrical equipment while energized. Lubricates energized parts. Displaces moisture.

BLACK CAT (Dry Moly Lubricant)
Order Code: RCC-565 Packaging: A
A dry film lubricant that provides excellent anti-friction and anti-seize properties. Inert to water and chemicals. Dust will not stick to it. Works in extreme temperatures up to 1010°. Excellent for use on the bottom of lawn mowers to prevent grass clippings and dirt from sticking to the mower deck.

SLICK (Teflon Lube)
Order Code: RCC-566 Packaging: A
A high pressure lubricant that dispenses like a penetrating oil, so the product will reach hard to get to areas. Then after the solvent evaporates, it sets up a tack gel to lubricate.

CLING (Foaming Chain & Cable Lubricant)
Order Code: RCC-567 Packaging: A
Provides a thick foam that clings to vertical surfaces. As foam breaks, lubricant penetrates into wire rope and roller chain mechanisms. Deposits a Molybdenum Disulfide based grease and provides surfaces with superior lubricating properties. Protects against high temperature and extreme pressure environments. Grease will not break down, fly off or wash away with water or steam. Retains lubricating properties under heavy shock load, acidic environments and salt spray. Prevents surface oxidation and corrosion. Super high tack formula provides active lubricant dispersion while equipment is in operation. Protects against friction, wear, humidity, salt spray, chemical vapors and water damage. Laboratory tested to withstand salt spray for 72 hours and humidity cabinet for 60 days.

COOL CUT (Cutting & Tapping Fluid)
Order Code: RCC-568 Packaging: A
Works in all metal working machinery and replaces the need for multi-types of coolant. Contaminants settle out quickly. Has rapid head dissipation and high lubricating ability. An excellent choice for ultra-high speed machines or dead slow high friction cutting. Easily removed with water. Transparent fluid allows clear visibility of work area.

SURRENDER (Dry Lube & Release Agent)
Order Code: RCC-570 Packaging: A
A chemically inert, non-oily, non-staining lubricant and release agent that is clean and dry during use. Will not dissolve away from surfaces and will not melt below 500 degrees F. Repels oil & water, will not attract or hold dust/dirt, and will not become gummy. Suitable for use as a release agent for rubber, epoxy, phenolic, polyester and other resins.



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