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Packaging Key:
(A) = Aerosols, (Q) = Quarts, (B) = Bulk: Gallons, Pails, Drums
(SP) = Special Packaging: Tubes, Fiber Drums, Pound Cartons, Pints

General - Degreasers/Descalers

BRAVO (Tar Remover & Degreaser)
Order Code: CRC-222 Packaging: B
All-Natural, pleasant fragranced tar remover & degreaser. Biodegragable, versatile and safe. Removes tar, asphalt, grease, adhesives, candle wax and gum.

WOW (Super Concentrated Degreaser)
Order Code: CRC-223 Packaging: B
This super concentrated heavy duty degreaser is designed to remove heavy accumulations of grease, oil, or stubborn dirt on concrete floors, walks, engines, and machinery.

ORANGE PEEL (All Purpose Cleaner)
Order Code: CRC-224 Packaging: B
Dissolves grease, oil and tar from any hard surface. Leaves the surface and work area smelling clean and fresh. Concentrated. Biodegradable.

Order Code: CRC-225 Packaging: B
Dissolves scale, lime and heavy mineral deposits, to be used on water meters or on hard metals that have a heavy accumulation of lime deposits.

Order Code: CRC-226 Packaging: B
Same as CRC-225 except it is gelled to cling to vertical surfaces, which allows more time for product to work.

Order Code: CRC-228 Packaging: B
Oil and grease are dispersed into minute drops. For oil spills on lakes or ponds. Also works as a heavy-duty degreaser on hard surfaces.

STA-PUT (Gel Degreaser)
Order Code: CRC-229 Packaging: B
A gelled product specifically designed to cling to vertical surfaces to allow more time to penetrate into grease, dirt and carbon. Once product is hit with any water pressure, it immediately turns into a soap, easily removing grease and oil. Biodegradable.

DE-TAR (Tar Remover)
Order Code: CRC-230 Packaging: B
A fast acting product that quickly dissolves away tar, grease and oil from metal surfaces. Biodegradable. Citrus scented.

ORANGE CRUSH (Heavy Duty Degreaser)
Order Code: CRC-231 Packaging: B
A biodegradable cleaner and degreaser that removes tar, grease, oil, adhesives, decals and printing ink. Leaves the work area smelling clean. Biodegradable. Citrus scented.

SURGE (All Duty Cleaner)
Order Code: CRC-232 Packaging: B
A safe all-purpose cleaner that cleans and degreases floors, motors, maintainers and equipment. Takes the place of many products. Film Free. Concentrated.

PUNCH (Granular Parts Washer Cleaner)
Order Code: CRC-234 Packaging: B
Outstanding degreaser/detergent for removal of grease, oil, wax, tar processing lubricants from metal parts. May be used on most metals including aluminum, steel, iron, stainless steel and cast. Can be used as a substitute for solvent degreasers in many applications. Medium foaming formula is designed for use in steam cleaners and pressure washers, but can also be used as a soak solution for hot tank degreasing. It rinses freely, and it’s fortified with special corrosion inhibitors to protect nozzels and coils from clogs. 100% active. Inhibited to avoid flash rusting.

CITRA-BURST (Cleaner, Degreaser)
Order Code: RCC-222 Packaging: A
An all-natural flush-action degreaser that dissolves grease, oil, and heavy grime. Dissolves tape and removes chewing gum. Biodegradable.

STA-PUT (Gel Degreaser)
Order Code: RCC-233 Packaging: A
Removes tar, grease, asphalt, road oil, and roofing compound from vehicles, engines and construction equipment.



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