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Grounds Control

WEED EASY (Granular Vegetation Killer)
Order Code: Packaging: SP
A non-selective granular vegetation killer. Kills vegetation and sterilizes the ground. Easily applied. EPA Registered.

TRIPLE THREAT (Selective Weed Killer)
Order Code: C Packaging: B
Triple Threat is a powerful selective concentrated herbicide with no residual. It combines MCPP, 2,4-D and 2,4-DP to provide complete broadleaf weed control. It will not harm desired grasses and turf, making it ideal for golf courses, lawns and parks. 1:50 concentrate.

TOTAL KILL (Complete Vegetation Killer)
Order Code: CRC-503 Packaging: B
Complete and total rapid liquid vegetation killer. Kills on contact and sterilizes the ground. This oil combines the properties of low volatility with rapid penetration and translocation of the active ingredients into the plant. The insolubility of bromacil in water promotes full effect regardless of rainfall after application or stage of grow at the time of application. 1 to 2 gallons per 1,000 sq. ft. Provides residual control for up to one year. EPA Registered.

Order Code: CRC-509 Packaging: B
A concentrated chemical additive to make water wetter. Will allow water to penetrate into hard soil. Also used with herbicides to make the weed killer penetrate into the stems of a plant. Concentrated.

IRON MAN (Chelated Iron)
Order Code: CRC-510 Packaging: B
A concentrate that corrects and prevents iron chlorosis on all turf grasses, trees, and shrubs. Prevents yellowing and slow growth.

GREEN FAST (Liquid Fertilizer)
Order Code: CRC-511 Packaging: B
Concentrated liquid fertilizer provides a balanced blend of the three primary nutrients for all turf grasses. Easily applied. Creates a deep root system, hastens maturity, improves winter hardiness, provides disease resistance and increases vigor for healthier grass.

Order Code: CRC-512 Packaging: B
An anti-desiccant spray for living plants. It reduces moisture loss and protects from winter kill. Produces a thin polymer film over the vegetation to retard moisture loss during winter months.

TURF KING (Emulsifiable Vegetation Killer Concentrate)
Order Code: No Number Packaging: B
A concentrate used to kill unsightly vegetation along railroads, in parking lots, around buildings, and industrial sights where bare ground is desired. EPA Registered. Weed–A-Cide gives non-selective control of a wide variety of annual and perennial weeds and grasses. It kills undesirable vegetation through foliar contact and through roots for non-cropland contact of vegetation where bare ground is desired. Weed-A-Cide is dilutable with water or oil, and may be applied prior to emergence of weeds. This product is designed for use where all vegetation is to be killed. By using this non-selective, residual herbicide all the vegetation will be killed, and control will last for one growing season (except in areas of high rainfall and sandy soils), avoiding costly weed cuttings and/up to or several weed killing applications.



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