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Packaging Key:
(A) = Aerosols, (Q) = Quarts, (B) = Bulk: Gallons, Pails, Drums
(SP) = Special Packaging: Tubes, Fiber Drums, Pound Cartons, Pints

General - Miscellaneous

RESTORE (Non-Acid Mild Pumice Cleaner)
Order Code: CRC-241 Packaging: Q
A cream cleaner with a mild pumice that cleans brass, stainless steel, rust build-ups, soap scum and black heel marks from floors.

Order Code: CRC-242 Packaging: Q,B
Dissolves lime on windows, in humidifiers, dishwashing machines, on faucets, in stools, sinks, etc.

REQUEST (Glass Cleaner)
Order Code: CRC-243 Packaging: Q,B
Will clean and polish all glass surfaces. Also can be used to polish chrome and porcelain.

Order Code: CRC-244 Packaging: Q,B
A mild cleaner that cleans, protects and polishes. Contains a silicone that prevents finger marks from appearing on glass, mirrors and steel cabinets. Also will help prevent fog from occurring on bus windows and shower room mirrors.

Order Code: CRC-245 Packaging: Q,B
For problem cleaning, a concentrated, all purpose, heavy duty cleaner and degreaser. Removes grease, oil, and smudge marks.

Order Code: CRC-246 Packaging: B
Removes dried concrete from cement truck trowels, chutes and forms.

TITAN (Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Degreaser & Stain Remover)
Order Code: CRC-247 Packaging: Q
A hydrogen peroxide/d-limonene based cleaner, degreaser & stain remover. Designed to whiten and brighten. Removes a host of soils from both hard & soft surfaces. Provides color-safe spot & stain removal and will also clean glass. If you've tried other spot removers and nothing will take the stain out, use this product! It's powerful enough to take out old/set stains too!

Order Code: CRC-249 Packaging: B
An all-natural immersion-type parts washer concentrate that is to be diluted with water for greater economy. It separates oil from the parts washer to be skimmed or picked up with an absorbent.

MYSTIFY (Spray & Wipe Cleaner)
Order Code: RCC-241 Packaging: A
A heavy-duty foam cleaner that clings to vertical surfaces. It removes dirt and grime from hard surfaces. Has a true clinging foam. Features 360° spray valve.

TROUBLE SHOOTER (Vandalism Mark Remover)
Order Code: RCC-242 Packaging: A
A heavy-duty mark remover that removes ink, crayon, tape, lipstick and paint from any hard surface. Removes vandalism marks on street signs and hard surfaces.

Order Code: RCC-243 Packaging: A
An oil based blackboard cleaner that makes your board look like new. Adds greater contrasts. Relieves eyestrain.

BANISH (Water Based Chalkboard Cleaner)
Order Code: RCC-244 Packaging: A
A water based chalkboard cleaner that removes chalk dust from boards and reduces chalk flyaway. Adds contrast and relieves eye strain. Also to be used as a marker board cleaner.

SPARKLE (Glass Cleaner)
Order Code: RCC-245 Packaging: A
For removal of grease, grime, fingerprints, etc. from mirrors, glass and chrome. Has a pleasant scent. Will not streak or haze.

TUFF STUFF (Citrus Oven Cleaner)
Order Code: RCC-246 Packaging: A
A thick, clinging foam that penetrates through baked-on food, grease and grime. This product does not have a caustic odor, pleasantly scented.

E-Z STRIP (Baseboard Stripper)
Order Code: RCC-247 Packaging: A
A heavy, clinging foam that removes soil and wax from all cross-linked co-polymer floor finishes. Works well for spot stripping. Contains an inverted valve for easy application.

SHOW TIME (CRT Screen Care)
Order Code: RCC-248 Packaging: A
An anti-static surface treatment that resists finger prints and dust. Fills in minute scratches. Eliminates eye fatigue on computer screens.

MAJIC (Foaming Coil Cleaner)
Order Code: RCC-249 Packaging: A
A powerful thick, clinging foam which removes dirt, lint and grease from air conditioners and heater coil fins. Water-based foam creates no harsh vapors and leaves a fresh natural scent. Biodegradable.

STICK-UM (Heavy Duty Adhesive Spray)
Order Code: RCC-250 Packaging: A
A heavy duty industrial adhesive designed for use on paper, cloth, cardboard, felt, glass, leather, polyethylene sheeting, mylars, foil, and most plastics.

BLASTER (Air Duster)
Order Code: RCC-254 Packaging: A
A high-powered, moisture-free gas that blasts away lint, dust, food crumbs, etc. from delicate surfaces and equipment such as computer keyboards and screens, lenses, film, or any precision instrument.



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